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Two Chimneys


Location: We are strategically located to be away from the clutter of Nainital, but at the same time very accessile so you can stay with us and visit all the places in and around Nainital.

About: The dream of owning a hill cottage is a common romantic notion. We chanced upon Two Chimneys – then known as the Big House in a two centimetre ad in a newspaper while looking for a flat to rent in Delhi. An impulsive trip, and we immediately fell in love with the piquant charm of the run-down shabby house sitting on a spur, with a splendid view of the valley on both sides.

When we first saw it, it was a house that children draw: a block with a slanting roof and cut-out windows and two triangular chimneys. The old house has been restored over 10 years, sporadically, as ideas and funds have trickled in. Saplings were planted that became trees. Seemingly dead wood sprouted as life was puffed into the house again, nature’s whimsical ways surround the house, and continually delight. The big prize is spotting the panther, as he passes by the house on most nights, moving between the two valleys.

Accommodation: As the years turned, it became clear that welcoming guests to Two Chimneys was the best way to share its beauty and to keep it in fine running condition. Two Chimneys opened for occupancy in April 2009, with 4 suites and 3 rooms.

  • The Goat Shed

  • The Olive Room

  • The Oak Suite

  • The Study

  • The Deodar Suite

  • The Willow Suite

  • First Things

How to reach there:


By Road: The drive takes between 6 to7 hrs, so an early start is recommended.

- There are 2 routes – Delhi – Hapur (take the bypass here) – Garh Mukteshwar – Gajurala – Moradabad bypass – (this is our preferred route) - turn left after the bypass (to catch the Jim Corbett park route) then cross Tanda, Do Raha - Bazpur-Kaladungi- Haldwani, Jewlikote and to Gethia. Check in time is 2 p.m, pl let us know if you are delayed.

- The other route is that from the Moradabad bypass continue to Rampur turn left here via Bilaspur, Rudrapur, Haldwani, Kathgodam and up to Gethia via Jewlikote.

- There is a large `Pilot Baba Ashram’ that is visible from Jealikote we are a couple of kilometers ahead – this is the landmark most locals are familiar with.

- Buses from all parts of North India come to Haldwani. Apart from the State transport buses, private operator- Heena Travels operates over night air conditioned buses that start from Cannought Place to Ninital. Private taxis will bring you to Two Chimneys.

By Train: Ranikhet Express starts from Old Delhi Railway station at around 10.30 p.m and reaches Kathgodam (last station).by 5 a.m. It is a comfortable overnight journey but you need to book well intime to get confirmed air conditioned births. Taxis will come up to Gethia readily.

By Flight: The nearest airport is Pantnagar, about 70 kilometer from Gethia. Private carriers make regular flights from Delhi to Pantnagar. From Pant nagar to Gethia is a comfortable two hour drive by taxis.




Deodar Suite

Rs. 6400

Oak Suite

Rs. 6400

Willow Suite

Rs. 5600

First Things

Rs. 5200

Goat Shed

Rs. 5200

Olive Room

Rs. 3800

The Study

Rs. 3800


(5% Luxury tax will be levied on room tariff)



  • Rates are for double occupancy inclusive of breakfast and bed tea

  • 2 Kids below 6 years free (not applicable for The Study and Olive Room)

  • 2 kids in the age group 6-12 years – Rs 800 each (inclusive of breakfast and extra bedding) (not applicable for The Study and Olive Room)

  • Extra Persons in room – Rs 1,250 each (inclusive of breakfast and extra bedding) (not applicable for The Study and Olive Room).

Food & Beverages:

  • Fixed menus are offered at the per head rates:

  • Set Lunch: Rs 300 per person. Rs 200 per child (6 –12 years old)

  • Set Dinner: Rs 350 per person. Rs 250 per child (6 –12 years old) We prefer it if you carry your own liquor.

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