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Topcamp’s weekend getaway are based on the belief that balance is the essence to a rejuvenating and enriching holiday experience. We believe it is as important to stretch  beyond one’s comfort zone as it is to nurture oneself. Our trips are much more than holidaying. They are a place to let go and engage with your inner selves. Our trips contain a multitude of experiences. They include the thrill of going down a hill on a mountain bike, the feelings of deep relaxation and trance induced by endorphins after a strenuous hike, the bliss of a relaxing massage, the experience of loosing oneself in dance at the end of the day, fulfillment and togetherness experienced while doing a group activity or pampering your taste buds with an exotic meal.

Fun Adventure around Sattal Mountain biking on colonial routes around Shimla Churdhar Trek
Rs 5800, Swiss Tents for 2 Nights 3 Days
Giri Camp Riverine Woods Camp Craignano
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