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De - Stress and heal

The best place in Delhi for oriental massages  more..

Fun and Adventure  around Saat Tal (2N/3D)

Hiking, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Jummarring, Kayaking, Swimming.

Coolest weekend getaways


Ladakh packages Starting Only at Rs 6380/- for5 N / 6 D


River n Range beach camp, Rishikesh
Seasons rafting package
starting from Rs. 2145 /-
per person per night


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Camps & Offbeat Getaways



Success through Teamwork !

Outdoor and adventures activities rejuvenates employees and puts them into situations, which facilitate better understanding of the self and others. Participation in adventure activities infuses confidence and leaves the employees more motivated for work.

Experiences in the outdoors are very special, these are always treasured and have a lasting impact. A lot can happen on an outdoor program; Interpersonal conflicts can resolve over the bonfire, teams can get strengthened while trying to negotiate a rapid during a river rafting trip, individuals can turn into high performers and become better equipped to handle change.
There is no limit to adventure, with us you can send your employees for a trek in the wilderness, a rafting expedition, a mountain biking trip, paragliding tour, hot air ballooning, skiing or trout angling…options are numerous.


Our services

  • We organize special outbound learning programs such as team building, leadership training programs and motivation enhancement.

  • We organize Trips for stress busting and deep relaxation. On our trips we teach employees some of the most effective and modern relaxation techniques, suggest lifestyle changes including diet and help them to understand the origins of stress so that they can lead stress free life and perform better at their workplaces. Research shows that good sleep, regular practice of relaxation through yoga, meditation and other techniques and expression of one’s emotions are some of the best ways to lead a stress free life. We organize several activities to this end and most importantly help the participants to feel uninhibited and express themselves.

  • We provide organsitation development support services, which includes everything from travel, hotels, outings, leisure tours, conferences and incentive tours.

Our Philosophy

Our learning programs with the corporate - we call them learning programs -  are holistic. We believe that to address any specific issue or meet any objective one has to learn and understand about a myriad of causes and dynamics of individual motivations. Our programs are based on facilitating a deeper understanding of nature of organizational conflicts and problems. Awareness of the causes of problems leads to their resolution.

Our programs are based on our philosophy that the success of any organization depends upon the levels of motivation of it’s employees and their relationships with each other. Organizations are made of individuals hence it is imperative that the success of organization depends on the overall personal and spiritual development of its employees. Therefore it is important that the employees have an all round development, which implies that along with professional skills they must develop emotional skills to have smoother interpersonal relationships. Personal development also leads to higher motivation and job satisfaction.


Our programs help individuals to:

  • Increase self confidence.

  • Enhance motivation.

  • Release stress.

  • Develop healthy relationships and bonding with their colleagues. .

  • Developing emotional skills.

  • Further their personnel and spiritual development and move towards their full potential.

  • Develop self awareness and broader understanding.


Our outbound programs our conducted at our camps and retreats located in some of the most beautiful locations in the northern India. We have more than 30 such retreats besides these we organize treks and expeditions in the wilderness.

Each of our programs are a thoughtfully designed mix of various activities serving different objectives.

We have Adventure activities such as treks, mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding, climbing and rope courses to push employees to stretch beyond their comfort zones. These activities boost self confidence and self worth of the employees. Our experience shows that the greatest joys in life our experienced while being immersed in striving for a distant goal.

There are innovative activities to help employees work towards a common goal. The objective of these activities is creating bonding and experience a deeper sense of togetherness. We have many such activities, which we conduct depending upon the location. To name a few we do tasks to help the local community such as help them in building a school or do organic farming, preparing an evening meal collectively, camping in the wilderness and manage everything on their own, cooking, planting trees, kite flying, candle making, composing songs. The list is endless, since we are creative and innovative it is difficult to imitate us for we keep coming up with new ideas each time. Moreover it is about the vibe and space that we create on our programs.

Then there are activities to help employees to let go completely and express themselves. Dancing, music, active meditations and other activities are conducted to help employees drop their guards and connect with their inner selves. The objective of these activities is to help employees to be spontaneous and uninhibited. This helps them to release repressed emotions, which in turn results in enhanced life force. At workplace this translates to greater emotional intelligence, creativity and initiative taking.

There are activities to increase self awareness such as yoga, grounding exercises, writing, introspection and readings.

And lastly there are celebrations and feasts to end the day with dance, music, laughter and fulfillment.

"Appreciate the professional support of TopCamp Leisure & Events in organising two national level Workshops in Delhi in Aug 2009. These were important events for our NGO and we appreciate the personal attention to detail in the success of these events where more than 40 representatives from national NGOs attended".

Depinder Kapoor ( National Coordinator )
India WASH Forum


"In plain and simple terms a fantastic bunch of organizers and with Mr. Baljit Singh around one can be sure of “top”-camping facilities with delightful and exciting moments on the trip".

Prerna Kohli ( Consultant )
ZEUS Law Associates
Advocates & Consultants


"Relaxing, peacefull, adventerous, wonderful company, greatful. Theat weather.

Look forward to next one"

Aparna Pawar (Marketing Manager)



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