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Back To Nature Trip

Camp Purple, Mukteshwar10th to 12th Sept. 2010


"As always with Baljit’s skill for organizing and building team spirit, I had yet another wonderful experience in the wild!! Spiritually uplifting, adventure and adrenaline rushes, bonding with nature and all participants at a very deep level."

'Thank you Baljit for great insight with different exercises and the freedom to be Me.'

Reema Saikia
Yoga Teacher and body work specialist

"Honestly I never expected it to turn out so good I terms of bonding, the team, camp Purple - the ambience of the place, the experience and of course Baljit Instantly made a connection with us."

'Looking forward to the next sojourn.'

Amitabh singh (General Manager)

Huawel Communications, Gurgaon

"On this Trip I never had the feeling that time is flying. I rather experienced a strong connection with the present moment, with myself and with other. For me the intention of the trip – to reap the consciousness – absolutely hit the bullseye ( in contrast to my phrasing here. I so often felt very included, peaceful and safe to express myself freely. Those moments are very precious to me and I am hoping for more trips of this kind."

'Will connect with you soon Baljit.'

Stefan Gebert (Project Manager)
MV Marketing and sales private Ltd.

"This trip has been a very rejuvenating and refreshing experience.it helped me in getting in touch with myself and also identify the essence of nature and it healing properties. Met some wonderful people and will always cherish memories of being with all you."

'Had a blast! Hope to see you soon !!'

Smita Lal (Writer)

"Got a chance to meet some amazing people ( out of work) after long time. Good choice of location and camp. Had a great trip overall."

'Highly recommended'

• Better time management.
• Water bottles and refreshments in the bus were missing this time.

Hitesh Dhingra

CEO Letsbuy.com

"In plain and simple terms a fantastic bunch of organizers and with Mr. Baljit Singh around one can be sure of “top”-camping facilities with delightful and exciting moments on the trip".

Prerna Kohli ( Consultant )
ZEUS Law Associates
Advocates & Consultants


"Appreciate the professional support of TopCamp Leisure & Events in organising two national level Workshops in Delhi in Aug 2009. These were important events for our NGO and we appreciate the personal attention to detail in the success of these events where more than 40 representatives from national NGOs attended".

Depinder Kapoor ( National Coordinator )
India WASH Forum

"We had a great rafting trip with Topcamp recently. I especially enjoyed the warm welcome and hospitality offered by the camp crew.. Baljit knows instinctively what his clients want. Thanks again for a great trip".

Vikas Gupta (Assistant General Manager)
eSys Technologies


"Relaxing, peacefull, adventerous, wonderful company, greatful. Theat weather.

Look forward to next one"

Aparna Pawar (Marketing Manager)


"Get up! Get out and  give  your self a present."

Lorenz Hüttenhofer (Student)



"Trip to let go November 2009"

This trip to 'let go' concept sounded very interesting to me. I think i fell in love with the name of this trip too. I've been trying to work on my mind. but This most difficult part. this endeavour to freedom has been to let go. My mind was working overtime to find method to do it -  working hard even to let go - quite a paradox.

Baljeet has worked very hard in discovering this trip to let go and findly making in happen. This various methods that he has devised just shows how much & how desperately he has worked on his own mind.

I am going through a painful place of my life - searching for my time calling. Hope this trip will show me the path.

It is a must for anyone who is wanting to break shackles and searching for happiness beyond mere happiness

Pioneering work - glad to be a part of it

Dr. Poonam Singh (Consultant Gynecologist-Max HealthCare)



"Powerful and intensle....adventure at the rawest level ! Incredible experience for me!

Thanks u, existence and love you Baljit!"

Reema (Yoga teacher)



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